Fantastic • 

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” – Elizabeth Foley. 


That quote could not be truer. Throughout life, I have had friends come and go, there have been friends who have stayed around no matter how much trouble we have gone through or how long we have not spoken for. You can grow separately, but you do not have to grow apart. As many close friends and long term friends I have, I decided to bring forth my Fantastics. Let’s just give their initials, T, A, and M. T was the first one I met back in freshman year of college. She was energetic, wacky, and I told myself I could not be friends with this weirdo but look at where we are now. She has always been a very independent and amazing human being. She goes to the beat of her own drum and she does not care one bit. I guess that is why I admire her so much, she does not let anyone veer her in a different path than what she is destined to do or who she is destined to be. M was the second one I met in freshman year of college. She was a handful in college to say the least but she’s the baby of the group. During college she would always be studying and be M.I.A. but now she’s a powerful working woman with enough energy to last her for years to come. She’s in our life with full force and always down to hang out no matter what. A, I met last and I met randomly. I lost my phone in college and I was aimlessly walking around. A had no class either so my friends just stuck us together, needless to say she was nervous to be stuck with the crazy Puerto Rican. As time went on, we grew closer and closer. Junior year of college she was my roommate, we went on endless trips together, we woke up together, I bothered her every second of the day, she taught me the joys of makeup and shih-tzus, and sonic… I cannot forget sonic! This is the woman I’ve gone on so many adventures with, I’ve looked up to her with how strong she is and how amazing she is as a person. She cares deeply and loves even deeper. She’s someone you would always want on your side because most of the time it’s laughs but when it gets down to business, she has her mind focused on whatever she needs to do.

These three are three woman who have definitely changed my life. When we graduated, it was hard to keep us together seeing as two are about a 1.5-2 hour drive but we made it work. We made sacrifices, we stuck together no matter what. There’s nothing in this world that you could ever replace over amazing friendships. Everything else can come and go, but real, true, friendships… that’s something you need in your life. The women who know every single little nook and cranny about you. Who know you down deep in your core, those are the women you need to stick with because those are the women who won’t ever give up on you especially when you need them the most. I was blessed throughout college with these three, and will continue to be blessed having these three by my side throughout all my journeys in life. 


I love you TAM 😉



N. Rarity