Logan’s Early Escape

Logan would not be mine and Erik’s son without a little drama right?

Logan broke my water on January 27th.  Since I’ve never been pregnant, I immediately thought to myself, AWW DAMN THIS IS WHAT THEY MEAN HOW YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR BLADDER! But no, after I fell asleep I woke up several times throughout the night with my pants soaking wet.  I knew after about 3 times that this was not normal and I had to get it checked immediately.  Erik and I woke up the next morning with my sour puss face because I had to go get an ultrasound for my liver so I couldn’t eat and I specifically told him, “I think my water broke.”  He looked at me like I was crazy and said that I had just peed on myself and to stop overreacting.  One thing you cannot tell me to do is not to overreact because that’s when I overreact even more! We went to my first appointment and while there, they told me they could not do my ultrasound because I required a doctor present so I had to reschedule.  While rescheduling, I felt another gush of water rush down and I knew I was not going crazy.  I looked at Erik with the saddest face and once again he just told me I was having accidents and stop over reacting.  We rushed to the Labor and Delivery portion of my hospital and taking into triage automatically.  A doctor came in to look me over, do a couple of tests and within the half hour she told me, “Yes, you broke your water.”  Erik and I glanced at one another and had a moment of freaking out silently between us.  I’m extremely early and my water broke, was all I could think about.  Once again, me being the naïve first time preggo, I thought I would immediately go into labor. Oh no, you don’t.  If and once you break your water, if contractions do not start then you could be stuck like I am.  I was immediately admitted and felt like a failure.  I told myself over and over, why couldn’t one thing be perfect, why couldn’t I go for my full (induced) day like I had planned?  My family rushed over and so did Erik’s family and we were all in shock.  A few doctors came in to speak to us regarding what this truly meant and how it would be proceeded then on.  My head was a mess and I was entirely confused.  The past week, we had a couple of scares in which I began to have contractions and go into labor but they stopped it, I’ve had to take steroid injections for Logan’s little lungs (which hurt like you would not believe it), Erik and I have been told so many different things that we both became extremely overwhelmed and upset, and Logan keeps going further and further down, making me ready to pop.  Currently, I’m stuck here until our baby boy either decides to come out on his own and make me go into labor, he goes into distress, or I get extremely sick.  The maximum amount of time I have here is 6 weeks, so one week has already passed and five more weeks of hospitalization has commenced just like when the groundhog sees his shadow on groundhogs day.  Erik has been the rock in all of this keeping me as calm as he can and also keeping me busy while being here.  He’s been joking with me and keeping my spirits up high seeing as though I really do not want a lot of visitors.  All I can look at it as my son is still cooking in my belly and he’s where he needs to be to not be an intense preemie.  But as I am telling everyone in my family, this boy will never ever live this down because hospitals are my least favorite place.



Logan, Mommy & Daddy adore you so much and we are ready for you whenever you are baby boy.

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Nina Marie is a 25 year old Bronx native. She has her bachelor's degree in English Literature and she is working on her master's in Early Childhood Education. She has a love of Disney and animals. She was diagnosed with Budd-Chiari Disorder, Myeloproliferative Disease, and a Jakk-2 Mutation at the age of 19. While going through several surgeries and most doctor's appointments, she realized that the best way to get through this hard time was to put it out in the open. Thank You.

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