Graduate School.

Graduate School. 

 The hardest thing you would ever come across. After 4 long years finishing your bachelors you would think you’re done, but not this girl here. I graduated St. John’s in 2014 and a long 2 years later I decided I wanted to go back to school. My bachelors is in English and I wanted to expand it to what I want my career to be, which is teaching. Now if you know nothing about me, you don’t know that I absolutely love kids. I worked as a camp counselor from 2010 to 2015. I loved each and every day and it wasn’t a job for me, it was a lifestyle. I knew once I began working at the camp exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and that was to teach. Most of my family members are teachers so I definitely inherited those teaching genes from them. Being involved in molding young minds is definitely a challenge and it’s not easy but it’s something I definitely want to do.  

Now, graduate school, ridiculoussssss! Long hours, endless readings, and plus I do my entire coursework online. I work crazy hours so the only time I would’ve been able to go to school is online.  Mercy College, which is the current college I attend is amazing.  The professors actually help you and explain everything you need to do in detail.  I highly recommend Mercy College.  I won’t lie it’s hard to keep up with what is due, when it’s due, if I have any questions I have to wait until my professor emails me back, I don’t get notifications when I get an email or if something goes up, so all in all it’s a difficult task. You have to keep on top of it and days you don’t feel well do not matter. So let’s get into the topic of my health and school. I stress out easily which in turn gets me sick 90% of the time. I could be on my death bed for weeks on end and I would still have to get online, do my homework and finish whatever I need to do. Now, I’m not complaining, but I will tell you it’s insanely hard to even find the strength to get out of bed or to even stare at a laptop. Granted, I don’t have to drive to class or travel in the snow but when you have the biggest migraine in the world and can barely think, it’s the worst. But with confidence and the will, you can complete your assignments.. you can do what you need to do to accomplish whatever you want to do in life. 
As the Fall Semester Begins, I wish everyone luck on their new semester and their studies and may the odds be ever in your favor!

N. Rarity 

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Nina Marie is a 25 year old Bronx native. She has her bachelor's degree in English Literature and she is working on her master's in Early Childhood Education. She has a love of Disney and animals. She was diagnosed with Budd-Chiari Disorder, Myeloproliferative Disease, and a Jakk-2 Mutation at the age of 19. While going through several surgeries and most doctor's appointments, she realized that the best way to get through this hard time was to put it out in the open. Thank You.

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