New & Exciting!

I know it’s been way too long and I apologize! I finally started my new job and I’m slowly getting used to it! I love it here and even though it’s only my third day I am obsessed :). I would go into more detail but there’s never a need for more detail regarding my job and what I do. I’m just in a better environment ❤️😁🙌🏼 . This is a short post, nothing long because life is currently hectic and I have so much that I want to do that there is not enough hours in the day! 😂 But don’t worry! More and new exciting things will come! 

I thought this week I’d be even more vulnerable *yikes* and put up one of my old poems. Yes, I write but I NEVER EVER show anyone because I’m too scared. I hope you guys enjoy and definitely leave me feedback 😊


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