New & Exciting!

I know it’s been way too long and I apologize! I finally started my new job and I’m slowly getting used to it! I love it here and even though it’s only my third day I am obsessed :). I would go into more detail but there’s never a need for more detail regarding my job and what I do. I’m just in a better environment ❤️😁🙌🏼 . This is a short post, nothing long because life is currently hectic and I have so much that I want to do that there is not enough hours in the day! 😂 But don’t worry! More and new exciting things will come! 

I thought this week I’d be even more vulnerable *yikes* and put up one of my old poems. Yes, I write but I NEVER EVER show anyone because I’m too scared. I hope you guys enjoy and definitely leave me feedback 😊

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Nina Marie is a 25 year old Bronx native. She has her bachelor's degree in English Literature and she is working on her master's in Early Childhood Education. She has a love of Disney and animals. She was diagnosed with Budd-Chiari Disorder, Myeloproliferative Disease, and a Jakk-2 Mutation at the age of 19. While going through several surgeries and most doctor's appointments, she realized that the best way to get through this hard time was to put it out in the open. Thank You.

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