Surprise! There’s another post. I guess I was just in a writing mood this week or it could be the fact that I have a break in semesters until May 31st. I’m currently in graduate school full-time and I work full-time while I try to balance a social life. I never properly introduced myself or clued you into who I am as a person aside from my condition so here we go.
Ten Fun Facts:
1. I live in New York.

2. I am 100% Puerto Rican.

3. I have three dogs, a cat, and a guinea pig. Three of those five animals are rescues.

4. I had the privilege of being a Disney College Program Alumni and also obsessed with anything related to Disney.

5. I am into all types of music but mostly you’ll hear me listen to EDM or Hip Hop.

6. I graduated with a bachelor’s in English and currently undergoing my master’s.

7. Whovian – Sith – Disnerd – PotterGirl

8. Makeup over everything, I follow at least 10 or so make-up artist on Instagram, my personal favorite two are Desi Perkins and Lustrelux *fangirls*

9. I have an amazingly large family.

10. I love reading, writing, trips to the dog park, ice cream, POP! Funko’s, Disney pins, sneakers, traveling, and FOOD!
I’m pretty simple. I don’t do much nor ask for a lot. Just food and fun! I’m overly sarcastic possibly 90% of the time and probably tripping over air the last 10%. 

Welcome to me.

Welcome to N.Rarity.



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Nina Marie is a 25 year old Bronx native. She has her bachelor's degree in English Literature and she is working on her master's in Early Childhood Education. She has a love of Disney and animals. She was diagnosed with Budd-Chiari Disorder, Myeloproliferative Disease, and a Jakk-2 Mutation at the age of 19. While going through several surgeries and most doctor's appointments, she realized that the best way to get through this hard time was to put it out in the open. Thank You.

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